New range of watch straps made form Cork

Introducing the new MKII Greenwood deployant watch strap to the Geckota range

A unique piece to compliment any collection, both striking and environmentally friendly, this eye-catching accessory is a worthy addition to any watch lover and nature lovers collection.

This cork watch strap is lined with a soft Vegan-friendly PU leather for both comfort and durability.

Cork Watch Straps with Deployant Buckles

Cork Watch Straps with Deployant Buckles

Lightweight yet durable, and benefiting from the natural waterproof properties of cork, this strap is well suited to any activity.

These straps are supplied fitted with our own deployment/deployant stainless steel metal clasp.

This watch strap has a tapered width and is thinner at the buckle than the lug end as follows: 20mm lug / 16mm buckle and 22mm lug / 18mm buckle.

This design is ow available from our WatchGecko retail website.

Genuine Leather Watch Straps With Deployant Buckles

We have been working on a new range of watch straps that feature stainless steel "Deployant" buckles.  This style of buckle is popular on higher end watches with leather straps as it gives the strap, and watch as a whole, more of a premium look and feel.

These buckles are availble to purchase seperatley, in addition to being supplied with our new "Edwyn" range of genuine leather watch straps.

Leather Watch Straps With Deployant Buckles

Leather Watch Straps with Deployant Buckle


Cork Watch Straps with Deployant Buckles

Cork Watch Straps with Deployant Buckles

Thaks for taking the time to read this post, we hope you like these new designs, stay tuned to our social media pages to stay bup to date with all of the latest developments.



High Quality Solid Stainless Steel Clasps

Our new range of solid stainless steel watch straps all have high quality folding stainless steel clasps.

We have two styles of clasp on the new range of straps, the diver's style clasp is made from a solid piee of stainless steel and is chunky and heavy.  This buckle design is fitted as standard to our Warrington, Shaldon and Rivet Berwick Stainless Steel Watch Straps.

Divers Watch Strap Buckle

Our new solid "Divers" watch strap buckle

These buckles have solid folding parts and are made from 316L stainless steel.

Divers Watch Strap Buckle Open

The buckle has solid folding parts

Slim Warrington Push Button Watch Strap

This new design is a lighter weight version of the popular Solid Warrington model and it makes use of a lighter weight buckle.

Lighter Weight Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Lightweight Stainless Steel Watch Strap

The buckle had the same solid construction to the folding parts but the top side clasp is lighter weight and features push buttons instead of the fold over lock.


Fantastic Range of Replacement Metal Watch Straps

Several years of product development

It has taken us many years to get to the stage that we are now with our range of stainless steel metal replacement watch straps.  We have taken on board our own feelings and concerns, as well as those of our customers who quite rightly have very high standards and expectations.

Our range of metal straps will continue to evolve as more deigns are added and additional end pieces are offered to provide maximum compatability with popular watches.

Warrington Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Our most popular solid stainless steel watch strap is currently the Warrington model, which is available with both straight and solid end pieces.  By popular demand we have used screw in links on this model.  Manufacturing a reliable screw in link can be difficult and our factory faced a challenge to make a robust and reliable screw in link.  But we have overcome this challenge and the screw is made with the screw thread at the top of the screw, rather than at the bottom.  This allows for small differences in position from one side of the pracelet to the other and it results in a more reliable screw in link.

Geckota Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap

We are now offering an updated version of the Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap which features a screw in straight end piece which can also be removed.  Once removed, an alternative curved end piece can be fitted instead.

Geckota Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Screw in Link for End Piece

By popular demand, we have been working on special end pieces for various watches and we now have curved ends for the Warrington Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap.  We currently have the standard curved end piees available.  These are made from folded stainless steel and which allows for some adjustment to get them to fit many different watch cases.  Buyers often tell us that they want solid end piees for their watches but the issue is that unless the solid end piece is a perfect fit, it will either not fit the watch at all, or the end result is not satisfactory.

Curved End Pieces For Stinless Steel Watch Strap

Curved End Pieces

These curved end pieces for the Warrington are available in 2 sizes, the 20mm curved end pieces are a great fit for our G-02 and K-01 40mm watch cases. And the 22mm will fit our Geckota S-01 watch case.

Solid End Pieces Are Currently In Development

By popular demand we have started working on a small number of solid end pieces, specially made for specific watches.  We currently have in development, solid curved end pieces for the following models...

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SRPB "Samurai"

Seiko SRP "Turtle"

These end pieces will fit the Warrington and Rivet Berwick Geckota solid stainless steel watch straps and they will be available before the end of the year.

If you are looking for a high quality stainless steel watcb strap for your watch, see our full range of stainless steel watch straps here. Many thanks for reading this article, stay tuned to our social media and blog pages for more news and product announcments.

Workshop First Editions Are Nearly Sold Out

These Popular Products Have Been A Long Time In The Making

We had been talking about the workshop range concept for a long time before finally being in a position to commit to the project.  The concept is simple, all of the watches will be made in very small numbers, and we will be more experimental in our designs and the materials and movements used.

For the first models in the range we decided to use two Chinese made mechanical movements.  Now, all watch enthusiasts have an opinion about Chinese movements, some will love them, some will hate them.  Many of our suppliers will not touch them, "too many problems" they say, and "they are not reliable, and we don't have the tools to repair them".  But not all watchmakers think this way, and earlier in the year we were pleased and excited to receive a small number of samples of watch from our new workshop range.  We disassembled the watches and tested them over a long period of time to make sure that they were well made and would be reliable.

The watches are beautiful, with acrylic crystals and highly polished details on the dial, hands and case.  The collection launched with two models initially available.  Made in a total batch of 100 pieces per model, this small quantity was further split into 3 subtly different variations.

The Geckota W-01 "Jump Hour" dress watch

The first is the Geckota W-01 "Jump Hour".  The jumping hour is a rarely seen complication, certainly at this price point.  The watch has only one hand, indicating the minutes.  The hour is indicated by the rotating disc, visible through the window at the 12H position.   The hour indicator instantly jumps over to the next number when the hour advances.

Geckota W-01 TY2709 Jump Hour Watch

Geckota W-01 TY2709 Jump Hour Watch

For this model we use the Chinese Sea-Gull TY2709 Automatic "Jumping Hour" movement.

The Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph dress watch

The second of the initial two releases is the W-02, a hand wound mechanical chronograph.

Our customers have been telling us for as long as I can remember that we should make a mechanical chronograph.  For the reasons mentioned above we were unable to do it.  But following discussions with a number of alternative suppliers, and as our own expertise and capabilities has evolved, we decided to embark on this project and the results speak for themselves.

The watch uses the well respected Sea-Gull ST1901 hand wound movement.  This movement is a Venus 175 design which dates from around 1940, the rights to the design along with all of the machinary were sold to the Chinese company Tianjin (which later became Tianjin Sea-Gull) in 1961.

Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph ST19 Movement

Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph

Both watches have been hugely popular and only very limited numbers of them remain in stock, so if you are interested, get your W-01 or W-02 while they are still available.

Geckota C-04 VK64 Space Age Racing Chronograph Watch

After a long wait for the prototypes and then a few small changes, we are pleased to announce that our "Space Age" theme continues with the launch of our newest addition to the Geckota watches family, the wonderfully striking C-04 Racing Chronograph.

Featuring both new and "old fashioned" materials for the construction and many custom made parts, the watch features a ceramic bezel and acrylic crystal.  There are 3 versions available at launch, all of which are striking and distinctive in appearance.

The watch uses one of our most popular movements, the SII VK64 "Mecha Quartz" movement.  This movement boasts quartz accuracy and convenience, but the chronograph action is achieved mechanically, so the all important instant reset is there at the push of a button.

The case size is 40mm diameter and the lugs are an industry standard 20mm wide.  The dial and hands feature high quality "Super Luminova" paint.

Get your Geckota C-04 now while stocks last.

ZULUDIVER brand goes from strength to strength

We have been making NATO and diver's watch straps for almost 10 years using the ZULUDIVER brand and during this time we have become recognised around the world as a trusted name for these products.

Our product range has continued to advance as we explore the possibilities for making watch straps using new and more reliable materials.

Our new range of "Sailcloth" watch straps are another example of this philosopy.

The watch straps are made from a PVC material that is both stylish and highly durable.

We will be adding new designs to this range over the next few months.

By Popular Demand… Shorter Length Watch Straps

We have again listened to our customers and have been busy working on a new range of shorter length watch straps.

For many years we produced our watches straps in the slightly longer length, typically of 80mm on the buckle side and 120mm on the holes side.  This length suits the vast majority of buyers, but if you have a slimmer wrist, or a larger watch, then you might find that a slightly shorter length watch strap is more suitable for you.

So by popular demand we have released a range of our popular designs in a shorter 75mm / 115mm length.

In addition to the shorter length, these straps also feature the more convenient "quick release" spring bars.

See our full range of replacement watch straps here and some of our most popular shorter length designs here.

Why not stay up to date with all of our latest developments by following us on Instagram.

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The Final Week of the Summer Sale!

This is the last product rotation of the Geckota summer sale, it will will be ending next Friday, 16th August, be sure not to miss out!

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Geckota Racing C-03 Automatic Watch

[product ids="696,612,833"]

The Geckota C-03 is a creation which epitomises our approach to watches and specifically the connection between Geckota and motor sports, with the debut of our 'Geckota Racing' seal.

  • Key features such as an automatic movement, fully lumed ceramic bezel insert, exclusively designed hands, highly legible lume and an evolution of the Geckota name inevitably result in a desirable addition.
  • It also portrays the focused vision of Geckota, further defining the Geckota design language.

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Geckota Racing P-01 Small Seconds Automatic Watch

[product ids="61,101,339"]

The P-01 is a classically inspired, luxurious time only watch with an emphasis on contemporary design.

  • Utmost Styling - The P-01 shows it's appreciation for established styling in the overall design of the piece, yet manages to add a unique, fresh take on an immensely popular watch style.
  • Dial Details - The P-01 features an incredibly detailed, deep multi layered dial. A classic centralised guilloché commands the majority of the dial with a remarkably fine concentric guilloché surrounding.

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Geckota C-01 BoR Bracelet Chronograph Watch

[product ids="175,220,159"]

the C-01 Racing Chronograph has the fundamental features of a practical chronograph straight out of the 60's & 70's.

  • Historical Design - The C-01 has been designed to envisage memories of a golden era for motorsports. The watch features radial brushing on the top of the 42mm cushion case with prominently polished finishes throughout the rest of the piece.
  • Completing the Look -  It's available on the high-quality Geckota Beads of Rice stainless steel bracelet. The BOR strap has been carefully designed to match the vintage look of the 60s racing era and perfectly matches the C-01.

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Painswick Quick Release Leather Watch Strap

[product ids="603"]

The Painswick is made from high quality premium leather, this is a wonderfully smooth and refined strap and perfect for anyone seeking a classic slim strap for a dress watch.

  • High Quality Leathers - Our Painswick QR comprises of all natural high quality premium leather chosen for its smooth and silky feel, complimented by a super soft lining pleasant to touch makes for an exceptionally supple strap.
  • Quick Release Spring Bars - The strap's quick release (QR) spring bars make make it incredibly easy to change, wherever you may be.

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ZULUDIVER Tropical Rubber Watch Strap

[product ids="662"]

 Fitted with a new and improved buckle, solid stainless steel, with a two tone polishing, brushed with mirror polished sides, and has ZULUDIVER deep etched for reassurance of a quality product.

  • Taking inspiration for the original Swiss Tropical rubber watch strap made during the 60's & 70's and fitted to some of the luxury brands like Rolex, Blancpain and Tudor.
  • ZULUDIVER is a UK brand specialising in diving and outdoor watch straps. High quality materials are used in their production and offer some great looking products to be fitted to your treasured watch.

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Kington Horween Vintage Leather Watch Strap

[product ids="568"]

Made from a wonderfully supple leather by the Horween Leather Company based in Chicago USA, which has been tanning and producing high quality leather for over 100 years. This is an expertly crafted beautiful watch strap for a dress watch.

  • High Quality Horween Leathers - Our Kington Vintage Dress comprises of all natural high quality premium leather chosen for its smooth and silky feel, complimented by a super soft lining pleasant to touch makes for an exceptionally supple strap.
  • Hardware - A lovingly mirror polished finished stainless steel buckle is fitted tightly to each strap, ensuring a secure fit to your wrist!

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ZULUDIVER Marine Nationale NATO Watch Strap

[product ids="455"]

Inspired by the original elasticated parachute webbing material the French Marine National used, army green in colour, with a single pin stripe colour running down the middle.

  • Tough, water resistant, quick drying woven nylon is now stitched together with care and attention to detail. Our NATOs are durable and comfortable watch straps.
  • Equipped with classic style stainless steel NATO buckle and loops. The buckle is based on the original British MOD design - no spring bar in the buckle provides greater reliability.

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